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Solar Power Costs

The two most cost effective ways of getting solar energy for the home is through a Solar System Lease or a Solar Power Purchase Agreement(PPA). A Solar System Lease contract is generally a 10 to 20 year term and the panels are owned and maintained by the leasing company. PPA’s are also usually a 10 to 20 year term, as with a lease the Solar Panels and Home Solar System Installation are owned and maintained by the PPA,the homeowner pays only for the power generated by the system.

Solar Cost Evaluation

Eco-friendly Solar Power

The sun supplies a free, unlimited clean power source all day; everyday. The technology required to harness the power of the Sun has made huge increases in the last few years and continues to become more efficient as well as cost effective. Coal, diesel and nuclear power plants all depend on limited natural resources as well as adding dramatically to your overall carbon footprint. By taking advantage of today’s efficient home solar power options we can help ensure a healthier Earth for future generations

Solar in 2 Easy Steps

  • Step #1 – Congratulations, simply by visiting this site you have completed step #1 and are halfway done with the introductory process.
  • Step #2 – Get a free, home solar power evaluation. Our solar advisers use your home address, current conventional energy cost figures, combined with satellite imagery of your home to put together a package outlining all the costs and savings you should expect from the installation of solar panels on your home.

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