Home Solar Power – Long Beach CA

installing-home-solar-power-systems150We make it easy for you to get a home solar power installation for your home in Long Beach California. We have had many homes in your area qualify for $0 down installations!

Through government grants, incentives and revolutionary financing you can get solar installed for nothing down and your only commitment is paying your monthly electricity bill which will be at a 20 year fixed rate that is lower than what you already pay the utility companies.

This is an amazing program available to consumers in Long Beach CA and surrounding areas. We take care of all the details of this program at absolutely no upfront cost or obligation on your part, ensuring an incredibly simple process for you to get solar power in your home. Just be sure to act now so you can take advantage of this amazing program!

Free Home Solar Evaluation

Long Beach Home Solar Installation in Two Easy Steps

Home solar panel installation

  • Step #1 – Congratulations, simply by visiting this site you have completed step #1 and are halfway done with the introductory process. You are well on your way to saving money and the environment by utilizing free solar energy to power your home.
  • Step #2 – Sign up for a free, no obligation, home solar power evaluation. One of our solar advisers will evaluate the viability of a home solar power installation for you. Our solar advisers use your home address, current conventional energy cost figures, combined with satellite imagery of your home to put together a package outlining all the costs and savings you should expect from the installation of home solar panels.